Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYPD is watching YOU!

It's been a couple of days since I rambled about something,  but today I ran across an article discussing how the New York Police Department (NYPD) has been conducting surveillance on Muslims not only in the City of New York but outside as well.

We are talking about spying on American citizens in other states!  Not just within the Boroughs of NYC.  So, should I remind everyone that the NYPD is a CITY police department and not a Federal Agency.

Here is a little background on Policing in the United States.  First, police departments exist because citizens have demanded some form of order and discipline to their daily lives.  Over the past century, policing has evolved to enforcing laws that citizens of that community demand.  One such law is drinking and driving.  Of course, this wasn't a problem in the late 18th century, but now it is and must be enforced.

Moving on to 2012!  I don't remember the citizens of New York City voting at City Hall or having a public vote on surveillance authorization of its citizens.  Maybe the city has taken it upon themselves to enact such regulations without public consent, using Tax payer money.  Who knows.

But when a local city government decides to spy on free citizens of another state - this is called - you guessed it, a "police state".   You can refer HERE for the definition of a police state!

It won't be long until this practice spreads completely across the entire United States.  Citizens beware!  You are now entering the zone of no return - because truthfully, this practice is already in place throughout the US.

Many new tactics and practices went into effect the day that the Patriot Act became official.  One day, someone will knock on your door, Mr and Mrs Joe Public, to tell you that they will search your home or probably arrest you for not recycling bottles.

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