Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYPD is watching YOU!

It's been a couple of days since I rambled about something,  but today I ran across an article discussing how the New York Police Department (NYPD) has been conducting surveillance on Muslims not only in the City of New York but outside as well.

We are talking about spying on American citizens in other states!  Not just within the Boroughs of NYC.  So, should I remind everyone that the NYPD is a CITY police department and not a Federal Agency.

Here is a little background on Policing in the United States.  First, police departments exist because citizens have demanded some form of order and discipline to their daily lives.  Over the past century, policing has evolved to enforcing laws that citizens of that community demand.  One such law is drinking and driving.  Of course, this wasn't a problem in the late 18th century, but now it is and must be enforced.

Moving on to 2012!  I don't remember the citizens of New York City voting at City Hall or having a public vote on surveillance authorization of its citizens.  Maybe the city has taken it upon themselves to enact such regulations without public consent, using Tax payer money.  Who knows.

But when a local city government decides to spy on free citizens of another state - this is called - you guessed it, a "police state".   You can refer HERE for the definition of a police state!

It won't be long until this practice spreads completely across the entire United States.  Citizens beware!  You are now entering the zone of no return - because truthfully, this practice is already in place throughout the US.

Many new tactics and practices went into effect the day that the Patriot Act became official.  One day, someone will knock on your door, Mr and Mrs Joe Public, to tell you that they will search your home or probably arrest you for not recycling bottles.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Should I Remind Everyone We have Lost the Afghan Conflict?

The world never ceases to amaze me.  By now I am sure everyone has seen the news about a U.S. Soldier going on a rampage in southern Afghanistan killing innocent civilians living next to the military base where this soldier was deployed.

This incident is yet another example of what I stated a few days ago about why we already lost the war in Afghanistan 9 years ago.  Plain and simple - lack of care and understanding for the Afghan culture and its people.

Honestly, all of the incidents that have occurred where innocent civilians have been killed by western forces was due to a lack of cultural understanding or care.  Incidents like a squad of soldiers killing people and staging it as an enemy attack, to urinating on dead Afghan bodies, to burning the Koran to now killing children and families.   It is sickening and totally unforgivable.

The United States Military's Public Affairs "Spin doctors" will try to calm the fury of this latest incident - but where will all the madness end?  How many more people must die for this lost cause?

The Afghan people need to be left alone, supported only when they ask for it and let them carve out their own future - not OUR idea of how they should live.  This culture is ancient, much older than the United States, we truly do not have a right to dictate what is normal for them.

When will the world get tired of seeing this?  I feel sympathy for those families that lost their loved ones - Afghan and American.  But I am even more sympathetic for those poor families that are now destroyed because some undisciplined person decided to kill.  He should receive the death penalty.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Can Be Arrested in a NO Speech Zone

Looks like my ramblings will go on today - because the wonderful political climate in our Country has given me more to talk about.  So, here it goes -

Believe it or not - American's do NOT have freedom of speech!  The police-state is growing stronger by the day.  Did you realize you could be arrested just for wearing a sign (The story is here), not blocking access to a building, not impeding other people's freedom of movement, not saying a word, not approaching anyone - just stand there in an open area and BE ARRESTED. YEP.  Only in a Police State can that happen.

Apparently there are "no speech zones" all across our great land.  I don't remember that in my American History courses, or my PolySci courses or any other courses that I've taken through the years.

Yes, everyone. Your rights are all but GONE.

The U.S. Might Consider Killing Americans On U.S. Soil

Today's Political Rambling is actually something I thought I wouldn't have to do - comment on how the US is actually considering Killing Americans on U.S. Soil.  You got it!

The FBI director, Robert Mueller didn't deny that the U.S. would consider this option and only deflected responsibility to the Attorney General Eric Holder for further comment.  Can you believe this?

I sort of mentioned this in a previous blog that the U.S. was turning into a Police State, well folks, here it is!  Words, or should I say lack of them, right out of the mouth of the Government.

I can't wait to see the "spin" on this.  Stay tuned everyone.  Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Give Me Your Social Network Password or No Job For You

I am a little amazed at what most people will do to have a job or go to school, but I think I'm more amazed at the direction our "beloved" American society is evolving.

The United States is turning into a police state with no rights given to its people.  Don't believe me?  Well, here is a great example of how piece-by-piece our society is changing. (more here if you want to read further)

Today I read a wonderful article about Government employers and some Universities DEMANDING access to their applicant's Facebook, Google +, Twitter and other social media accounts.  The applicant's must provide their passwords and login details in order to be CONSIDERED.

The brazen demands that some people in our society are creating is truly remarkable, because this is exactly the same as stating, "I want to know every person you've ever know - by name, I want their pictures, personal details, I also want your diaries, personal bank account information, vacation activities, etc".

Who are they kidding?  And to make matters worse, there are MORONIC people who will provide that information for FEAR of loosing a job or an opportunity.  Instead, these people should take them to court. This is ILLEGAL - people.  "QUID-PRO-QUO"  This-for-that!   Other-words - BLACKMAIL.

Of course, I can't really blame the companies and schools for trying, because if there are people willingly giving that information away - then heck, why not.  In fact anyone who feels like it, please leave your logon and passwords to your social media sites for me to have access and read.  Thanks!

PLEASE - people - wake up!  Just say NO!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The US can now Legally Kill Americans without a Trial

It's now official, the US is about the turn a dark corner that is nearly impossible to return.  They are approving authorization to Kill US citizens they deem a threat.  Of course, they are using the terms of terrorism and threat together, however the wording of the new "law" is very broad.

It doesn't take much for someone to be labeled a threat.  In fact, look at the news across America and you will see on a daily basis, people labeled as a threat.

Here is my problem with this, first, an opposing opinion which is protected by the Constitution can now be considered a threat.  Second, ANYONE can be put into that category which would make you subject to this new law.

Remember that the laws have been adjusted so they can SPY on americans on American soil - don't forget that.  You have no right to privacy, and now are no longer considered innocent.

This new rule that the Administration is pushing through, allows anyone to be deemed guilty without the right to a trial as guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of bad people out there who are up to no good.  In fact, I am sure there are many who have entered the US illegally or legally with the intent on becoming US citizens only for the prospect of later causing problems.  Still, there are some who are 100% American who want to do harm and they should be arrested, tried and if guilty - then convicted in accordance with the laws of the Constitution.

We should never allow our rights as Citizens to be taken away for the illusion of security.  But unfortunately, this is happening more often and so rapidly that before the majority of American's wake up to this fact it will be too late.

---Sad day!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oil Industry Tax Subsidies are making American's loose jobs

The current financial crisis and its aftermath is still affecting millions of Americans through lower wages, lost jobs, foreclosed homes, higher food costs, and higher gas prices.

Our National debt is rapidly approaching the $16 Trillion mark - which means every US Citizen would owe around $46,000 to pay off the huge debt.  Congress and many politician's are trying to figure out ways to reduce costs by cutting many programs - especially in this election year.  They need to be re-elected by the way so it is wise to be on the side that is attempting to bring this debt down.

Congress failed to pass legislation this past December to reduce our Nation's debt and now automatic cuts in many programs and departments will happen.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

My only concern is they want to increase Military retiree's medical costs, reduce retirement payments to those who sacrificed their youth and in many cases sacrificed their life for our American civilization.  People who have served in the US Military are unlike those in the civilian workforce.  They don't have a 401 K program, they don't have the individual freedom's most American's take for granted.  No freedom of speech, no union's or collective bargaining, no freedom of movement, they can't quit, etc, etc, etc.

So asking the people who have voluntarily served this Country to sacrifice more by giving up income they were promised by the American people is another slap in the face.  The American people promised soldiers, airmen, marines, coast guard to serve 20 years and you can retire with lifetime - reduced income payments, lifetime medical care to fix all problems they caused, and education benefits.  Very simple arrangements.  Now the American people are wanting to renege on that promise.  You can thank our wonderful members of Congress for this.

Back to the National debt and the matter at hand.

Members of Congress are continually influenced by organizations, individuals paying them "side-payments" or what some could call - "bribes" to pass legislation that will benefit their companies or their clients while ignoring their main responsibility - taking care of the Taxpayers who put them in office.

One prime example is the Oil industry and US Oil Companies.  They receive $4 Billion dollars annually in TAX subsidies.  Do you realize the top 5 most profitable companies in the world are Exxon-Mobile and Chevron? And yet they still receive US Taxpayer money in subsidies every year.  Exxon is by far the biggest beneficiary of this program and in 2009 and PAID ZERO percent in corporate taxes thanks to this program.

For more information, check this site out.